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im actually really not sure what this blog is about anymore



Who’s the tiniest little baby lake monster? Who?? Is it you??


Or is it you??


Are you the tiniest little baby lake monster?? Huh? Or is it you?


Or maybe it’s one of you guys! IS IT?? Smoochy smooch smooch face!


(I’m sorry everyone. I’m just really enjoying making these guys.)

These are just so freaking adorable!  I love them!

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  • Jesus: It's important to help those less fortunate than you. Treat them as your brother.
  • Christian Conservatives: *hurriedly turn the page*

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I want to draw but that means I have to draw

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my coworker is looking at reddit and I’m saying “cool meme” to every pic he’s opening regardless of what it is and he’s getting progressively more and more frustrated and yelling “IT’S NOT A MEME”

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